Fulham FC Wiki

A list of well known people who support Fulham.


  • Margot Robbie (Actress)
  • Ray Brooks (Actor - Eastenders, Robbie Box in Big Deal & Narrator of Mr Benn)

Cathy Shipton

  • Sharon Duce (Actress - Big Deal)
  • Dominic Guard (Actor & Sharon Duce's partner)
  • Christopher Guard (Actor - Dominic's brother & Cathy Shipton's partner)
  • Cathy Shipton (Actress, Nurse Duffy in Casualty)
  • Michael Redfern (The OXO Dad)
  • Hugh Grant (Actor)
  • Iain Fletcher or "That bloke off The Bill" (Actor - DC Rod Skase in The Bill)
  • Neil Dudgeon (Actor - Ginger haired detective from BBC's Messiah - pretty sure he used to sit near me in block H3)
  • Daniel Radcliffe (Actor -Harry Potter, though now seems he's not really interested in football but lives in Fulham)
  • Keith Allen (Actor, Comedian)
  • Willie Rushton (Actor & Satirist)
  • Nigel Havers (Actor)
  • Liz Frazer (Actress, Carry-On Films)
  • Sam Kydd (Actor)
  • Bella Emberg (Actress, Russ Abbott's sidekick)
  • Pierce Brosnan (Actor, Ex-James Bond)
  • Kerok Malikyan (Actor - Greek bloke off Mind Your Language)
  • Fulton MacKay (Actor - Mr MacKay in Porridge)
  • Tony Booth (Actor & Father of Cherie Blair)
  • Tony Curtis (Actor)
  • Ben Chaplin (Actor, Game-On and a film with a long title)
  • Patrick Mower (Actor, Emmerdale & Hazel)
  • John Woodvine (Actor)
  • Honor Blackman (Actress, Pussy Galore in James Bond)
  • George Tipper (Actor & Comedian)

Television Celebrities[]

  • Richard Osman ('Pointless' presenter)
  • "Nasty" Nick Bateman (Big Brother)
  • Georgie Thompson (Sky Sports News presenter)
  • Isobel Lang (BBC Weather)
  • Emily Maitlis (BBC News)
  • Scorpio (from Gladiators)
  • Tim Ewart (ITN Sports Editor)
  • Des Lynham (Brighton supporter but regular attender at FFC for 2005/06)
  • Kirsty Gallacher (Presenter - Really a Liverpool fan but has attended in the past possibly due to her Dad)
  • Keith Chegwin (Presenter, Chegger's Plays Pop)
  • Richard Parks (Fame Academy)
  • "Handy" Andy Kane (TV Handyman)

Legend supporters[]

  • Joe Pigott
  • Paul Jenkinson
  • Bloke from the Duke
  • Scott
  • Jeff The Trucker
  • Barry from Eastenders
  • DC Steve Arnott
  • Ian Bayly (Regular UK Tour Guide, visits FFC in his spare time via Gatwick)

Other Arts & Entertainment[]

  • John O’Farrell (Author & Broadcaster)


* "Diddy" David Hamilton (DJ, TV presenter and match day announcer)

  • Dennis Potter (Playwright)
  • Robin Bextor (Writer/Director)
  • Tommy Trinder (Comedian and ex-Chairman)
  • Johnny Speight (Writer of "Til Death Us Do Part")
  • John Sullivan (Writer of "Only Fools & Horses" and "Citizen Smith")
  • The Terry Hunter (Superstar DJ hailing from East Peckham)


  • Wolfie Smith ("Citizen Smith" played by Robert Lindsey)
  • Terry McCann ("Minder" played by Dennis Waterman)
  • Ronald "Budgie" Bird ("Budgie" played by Adam Faith)
  • George ("Men Behaving Badly" played by Ian Lindsay)
  • DC "Dangerous" Davies ("The Last Detective" played by Peter Davison)
  • Mod ("The Last Detective" played by Sean Hughes)
  • Vinyl Matt (DJ played by Matt Bruce - famous for regularly being interrupted by poor BT WiFi)


  • Steve Norris MP (was Everton but now a FFC regular)
  • Steve Pound MP Martin Linton MP
  • Tony Blair (ex-PM, well he did admit that Steed was his favourite player)
  • Jordan Chambers (love child of Jacob Rees Mogg and Edwina Curry)


  • Jimmy Hill (ex-Player, ex-Chairman, TV Presenter & part time linesman)
  • Bernard Gallacher (Golfer)
  • Tim Henman (Tennis Player - dubious!)

Lilly Allen

* Andy Woodman (Journeyman Goalkeeper - suggested he may be a Palace fan)

  • Dario Gradi (Football Manager)
  • Alan Pardew (Football Manager)
  • Alan Smith (Football Manager)
  • Rasmus Falk (Football Player)


  • Max Clifford (Publicist)
  • The Bloke Karate Kicked by Eric Cantona (Assumed he was a Palace fan but apparently he was a regular at Fulham)
  • Pope John Paul II (Pope)
  • OK, Truce!!
  • Jim Reed (Pyromaniac and Rick Astley tribute act)